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Various Music Videos featuring GR in individual links

"Solo" Videos (The Covid "Concerts from the Bowl" series!)

GR does covers...

with A Surrogate Band (Pink Floyd tribute)


I made a playlist of over a dozen videos I have appeared in, playing bass with different bands over the years.

Check them out here:

GR with LEVELER at Brixton's March 2011 playing Led Zeppelin's "FOUR STICKS"

Shut Up Marie clips on YouTube

Someone filmed a short clip of us performing on April 24th 2009 in Placentia, CA at the Clubhouse Grille.

Also, Steve Braverman posted video of SUM playing at the Vault 350 in Long Beach a few years ago:

--this clip has a medley of short bits from several rockin' SUM tunes.

RITUAL video - "Face Down at the Apocalypse"

I produced a video for my band RITUAL, and you can see that bit of psychedelia here:

This video was created on a lark - I was experimenting with MAGIX VIDEO DELUXE II, and I decided to make a music video. I took a recent live recording Ritual had done at KXLU 88.9FM, and used it as the music track. I grabbed footage from a couple of videotaped gigs we had done, and a bunch of band stills. I mashed them up with effects, layers of topological surfaces, mushroom clouds, and mystical symbols, and the result is what you see here. Credit should go to our friend Fucko the Clown (a.k.a Michael Perrick) who MC'd the Mr. T's gig that some of the footage in the video is from. Also fire-breather and comedian Michael Morena for some of the cool fire-balls. Close-up guitar played by my good friend and amazing guitarist Ken Rosser.

PAPERBAG video - "Don't Forget to Vote"


 This video was produced by PaperBag and Anita Marto, and many years later, it was bookended by a new introduction and outro credits by me, again using MAGIX VIDEO DELUXE II

This is the only music video ever created by the legendary PaperBag: Improvisational Music Company. It was produced as part of a senior project at Cal Arts by Anita Marto, in 1986. It was shot against a blue-screen and visual effects were added alter on in post-production. It features M.Segal on drums and poetry, Greg Eric Segal on guitar, Kenny Ryman on keys, tape-loops and turntables, and me, George Radai on bass guitar. I am playing the Fender Performer bass with a pick in this video! Also, if you pay attention, you'll see "The Studio Cat" in some of the frames!

GR Screensavers for download!

I made a couple of WINDOWS screensavers that are pretty interesting and very psychedelic that were intended to be promotional items for RITUAL and BAG:THEORY, so I've included them here as a free downloadable item. You might enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

The BAG:THEORY screensaver was made using graphics created by M.SEGAL, as well as live gig photos that I then altered in Photoshop and assembled together using ACDSEE's excellent FOTOANGELO software. It has background music from our CD, "A GOOD ASS-KICKING WEARS MANY FACES" as well.

The RITUAL screensaver was assembled from a series of screen captures lifted from the VIDEO for "FACE DOWN at the APOCALYPSE" that I created and produced (as a promo for our album "NOTHING STRANGE") and which is now posted on RITUAL's website for download. This screensaver was created much the same way the other one was, and also uses the music from the video as background track.

BTscr1.scr (approximately 8mb in size)

BTscr1.scr (approximately 8mb in size)

RitualSS3.scr (approximately 5mb in size)

DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: These are plain .SCR files (no virus in them--I checked!) so all you have to do to see them is double-click on them once downloaded.

TO DOWNLOAD: right-click the link above and choose "SAVE TARGET AS..." from the context menu.

TO INSTALL: once the file is downloaded, right-click on it again and choose "install" if you want to have it available from your display control panel.

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