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...for my Audio Engineering work:

BTW, More testimonials can be found on my LINKEDIN profile page here:

Kevin Charles Brandon a.k.a "Brandino" - 6x Grammy-Nominated Composer, Performer, Producer (

“George Radai is an exceptional engineer and musician. I have used him on the Grammy nominated Best Pop Instrumental Album of 2011 by Robby Krieger of the Doors, besides other projects since 2006. If you need expert craftsmanship on your recording, George is the man to call. Brandino !” July 21, 2011

Frank Rosato - Engineer, owner of Woodcliff Studio

“George Radai is an extremely intelligent and focused audio consultant. He knows his craft and is able to quickly remedy practically all audio-related situations. If you're in need of Pro Tools help, he's your guy.” July 21, 2011

Mark V Sheldon - Composer, Performer, Instructor

Digidesign Certified Pro Tools and MIDI Instructor, Composer, Synthesist, LOS ANGELES RECORDING SCHOOL (colleague)

“Due to his genius I.Q., George's nickname at work of "Georgeapedia" says a lot: he is literally a walking encyclopedia of detailed knowledge and wisdom and has a memory richer than that of the Smithsonian but balances this fact with humility and a very sharp sense of humor. He was my instructor when I began my studies at The Los Angeles Recording Workshop many many years ago and has since become a colleague and friend whom I have always respected and admired. He is a rare individual in that he has a golden heart and has always been generous with his time and knowledge, frequently going out of his way to help another. His skills as a bassist have always been impressive, and neither his trusty bass nor his myriad of audio adapters is ever far away. As quick with a groove as he is with technical or scientific trivia, George always excels at whatever endeavor he chooses, be it Pro Tools editing, technical writing, beta-testing, groove-making, or advanced research. It has been a privilege to work with him and I have no hesitations recommending him to anyone who can appreciate such a gifted and uber-intelligent, gentle soul.” July 24, 2011

Terry Opp - Businessman, Head-hunter, Real-Estate Agent, former Supervisor

“I was George's direct supervisor at The Los Angeles Recording Workshop for 6 years. George was an amazing asset to me . His knowledge of recording, editing, IT skills and people skills were and still are outstanding. George is a very skillful and talented individual and would be an asset to any team. Kindest Regards Terry Opp 818-625-7412” July 27, 2011

Denise Starbird - Composer, Performer, Artist

“I have both worked with George at an audio editing software developer and hired George for projects my own. George's expertise in a variety of audio editing and recording software and hardware plus his extensive experience working with top names in the recording industry as well as being an audio editing professor to newcomers to the industry make him the ultimate candidate for any audio editing project. He is thorough, detail oriented, can trouble shoot and resolve any technical problems, and his willingness to take the time to understand the needs of the client make him someone I would gladly continue to recommend.” July 28, 2011

Don Medina - Performer, Guitar Center Executive

“George & I have worked together on several projects with many artists over the course of years. His professionalism and great attitude comes through on all levels. I still hire him and will do so again in a couple of weeks.” September 6, 201

Annie B - Composer, Performer, Artist

“George is an all-pro kind of guy. His knowledge and skills are amazing, and he is very passionate about music and the creation of it. He's incredibly creative and thinks outside the box more often than not. Very business-minded, and kind and understanding at the same time, creating a positive environment for all who work with him. I am working with him again in the very near future.” March 3, 2009

...for my Bass Playing:

Annie B - Composer, Performer, Artist

“George is an all-pro kind of guy. He gets the job done, he tells it like it is, he's genuine, kind, understanding, and very business-minded at the same time. His skills are amazing, and he is very passionate about his music and the creation of it. I am working with him again in the very near future.” March 3, 2009

Nick Mastro - Performer, Keyboard Programmer

“George is an excellent bass player who is also an expert in digital recording, engineering and audio applications. I would not hesitate to seek George's assistance in computer applications for sound production and engineering.” February 27, 2009

Marc Mylar - Composer, Performer, Owner of Trigon Records

“George is a top-flight bassist who possesses a rare sense of rhythm, melody, harmony, and dynamics. He has the ability to effortlessly shift between any combination of styles without missing a beat. As a woodwind player, I have worked with George in a number of structured and improvisational musical groups, and have always found him to be creative and inspirational. I would highly recommend George for any recording or performing project.” February 28, 2009

Jon Tompkins - Owner, Composer, Songwriter, "Music of Fugue"

“George is an AWESOME bass player! I have worked with him for more than 10 years and have always appreciated his ability to make music sound better! We have written songs, jammed, recorded, performed, and produced amazing stuff together. He is Mr. Low End (as well as a gear-head to boot)!” March 1, 2009

Frank Rosato - Owner, Woodcliff Studio

“George is very musical and always strives for whatever best serves the song. He is detail oriented and has great integrity. An absolute team player, who brings excitement and originality to every session. Most of all, George is a quality person and a pleasure to work with.” February 28, 2009

Joey Ayoub - Engineer, Studio Owner

“George is an absolutely incredible bassist. I've hired him for numerous sessions. He always comes prepared with the correct instrument for the job (he has so many basses I lost count). Whatever genre he's required to play, he does so flawlessly with a "however you'd like me to play it" attitude. My clients love this. I love this. George is also a highly qualified recording engineer to say the least. He was one of my instructors at The Los Angeles Recording School in 1998.” July 25, 2010

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