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Fencing thought of the day: Simplicity, where does it exist? Fencing gives you too much to think about when you first start out doing it. In a lot of ways we have no choice but to throw a lot of info at you all at once, or we risk leaving out something critical to your proper development. It's like we have to give you the overall detailed blueprints, even if you are struggling just building one wall, because you also need to know how your wall works, how it will fit with the other walls, support the next floor,etc. or you run a large risk of building without foresight, and from a poor foundation.

So while you slave away at your walls and we show you magnificent castles ahead, how do you actually get to build them? One painstaking brick at a time, that's how. You must take the topics that are the "bricks" and firmly mortar them together in your intellect and your responses to have your foundation first, and realize your walls, floors, ceilings are all made of them too. Recognize a brick at a time, learn it's shape and use and heft and logical placement and then you may make your house.

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