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At Humphrey's "Low Budget Productions" studio, circa 1985.

at Mr. T's Bowl (in an artsy frame designed by M. Segal)

at B.B.King's on Citywalk (L) & at Paladino's in Reseda (C) & the Pisces Passion Party in downtown L.A (R)

at Perspective Studios--on left with the borrowed Fender - note the Rickenbacker 4001 and the homemade pedal board on the floor, and on right, the upright bass(circa 1986)

at Spinhead Studios with the upright bass - note the Rickenbacker 4001 and Fender Performer basses! (circa 1987)

Me playing with Don Medina on drums

Back in the garage with the Ray Jay Band for July 4th block party

Me playing with Leveler at the Dive in Redondo Beach, 3/19/11

Me, again playing with LEVELER, this time at a benefit concert at SAINT ROCKE in Hermosa Beach on July 24th


Greg Segal, Kenny Ryman, M. Segal, GR)

with PAPERBAG, here is me and Kenny Ryman, during a recording session at Spinhead Studio, circa 1987

TAO JONES gigging at Mancini's in Canoga Park (circa 1994)

(L>R: Karl Holder, Chuck Standish, GR)

BAG:THEORY (circa 2001)

(L>R: Anthony Cossa, M. Segal, GR, Marc Mylar)

RITUAL (circa 2004)

(L>R: Jerry Jones-Haskins, Jon Tompkins, Mike Day, GR, Kwan Hearns)

LEVELER (circa 2005)

(L>R: Vince Martinez, Dean McCall, GR)

SHUT UP MARIE (circa 2004)

(group shot pic L>R: GR, Annette B. Steve Braverman, Don Medina)

(Live shot pic L>R: GR, Don, Anette, Steve)

I used to be a foil fencer, too.

This is a pic of me when I was on the Fencing team at Cal State Northridge, around 1983. I studied swordsmanship for about 6 years, and I got pretty good at it, getting nationally ranked in tournament.

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