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Compositions and Collaborations

 A lot of people have requested to hear examples of some of my work

but in the past I was always hesitant to post any on the web,

since it's insecure and even worse,

posting your own music seems a little self-indulgent.

 But seeing as how I am not making any off these things anyway,

I figured "what the heck if people steal it?"

My only hope is that if you do indeed steal this music it's because

you enjoyed what you heard here so much that you felt compelled to take it.

And you did that only because you wanted to forward the pieces you loved so much

to music industry people that might choose to give me and my collaborators

lasting careers as a composers/performers!

In that case, I forgive you all in advance.

These pieces are some of MY favorites that I recorded, and they are posted here in no particular chronological order, but I feel they

span a good period of my career as a player, and represent a broad swath of my musical abilities.

ALSO, if you'd like to

SEE me play with various bands,



"What Lies Deep" by Radai

This piece is one from my upcoming SOLO album "Low Hanging Fruits".

I played all the instruments, and did all the programming and processing as well.

It's entitled "What Lies Deep" for it's dark and moody vibe

"Gotcha" by Leveler

This song, called "Gotcha" was mostly composed by my good friends Vince Martinez and Dean McCall, very talented musicians who play guitar and drums respectively, in a project we had together called "LEVELER."

The forthcoming album is a kind of progressive-jazz experiment, and it is a great pleasure for me to play with such talented musicians.

"Dharma Party" by PaperBag

This fun piece was played by PaperBag, the improvisational music ensemble I was a member of, along with M. Segal, Greg Eric Segal, and Kenny Ryman. Even though the recording was done a long time ago on 4-track tape, only recently was I able to remix and remaster the cut as part of an inew release called "Airwave Rituals" which is a collection of the best of our by-proxy radio tour. It was called "Dharma Party" because of it's exuberance and the interesting 'ethnic' background ambience provided by Ryman's tape loop manipulations.

"Carol of the (bass) Bells" by Radai

" Eohippus" by Radai

This is another piece from my upcoming SOLO album called "Low Hanging Fruits"

This piece started as an improvisation on bass, and after much processing it sounded like a herd of some primeval beasts running about on a vast arid plain lost in time.

Hence, it is called "Eohippus."

"Second Thought" by Ritual

Ritual was a band that I worked with for many years, that put out an excellent album called "Face Down at the Apocalypse." Composed with Mike Day and Jon Tompkins, this particular song, entitled "Second Thought," has some interesting bass parts in it. A quirky piece, it exemplifies the sort of musical polyglot approach that band was best at doing.

"Mr. Faceless" by Sandbox Revolt

I worked for a time with a very talented guitarist named Bob Lansing, better known as "Enoch Hain" of the Dickies. We had a project called "Sandbox Revolt" which never got around to releasing anything, but I liked the material very much. This song has one of my favorite bass parts I ever created, and a killer solo by Bob, and it's called "Mr. Faceless."

"Borrowed" by Shut Up Marie

I worked with a very talented singer-songwriter named Annette Marie in her band called "Shut Up Marie," along with Steve Braverman & Don Medina (Don plays drums on this cut, but after he left SUM the drum chair was taken up by Gene McEwen). This is sort of a power-pop/punk hard-rockin' band, and Annette writes great hook-y material. I learned the bass parts her previous bassist had laid down on this song, "Borrowed," and embellished them with my own musical thoughts. This is an example of the power of our live set, taken from the limited indie release "Live at the Viper Room". 

"It Is Now Becoming Fantastic" by Death&Taxe$

This piece was written by the band "Death&Taxe$", (helmed by Vince Martinez and Tom Shannon) on the Tom Shannon memorial tribute album "The Alaska 12 Variations." Tom was a wonderfully creative bass player who unfortunately passed away mid-way through this album's completion. I was honored to participate with all the other fine and talented musicians that contributed to completing this amazing record. I learned to play the tricky but melodic odd-time bass part Tom had written for the song "It Is Now Becoming Fantastic," and this song played by me, Vince, Matt Brown on keys and Dean McCall on drums, showcases the power and groove and creativity that D&T is best known for.

"Orion" by Tao Jones

I was in a band called "Tao Jones" in the early 90's with two very talented guys, Karl Holder on guitar, and Chuck Standish on drums and vocals.

The band never released anything, and the project ended when Karl moved to Albuquerque for work. Oh well, that's how the band crumbles.

This project was kind of a pop-prog thing and I thought we wrote some cool material with some interesting playing, such as this song, "Orion."

"A Man Who Was Here" by Cold Sky

In the band "Cold Sky" I played wonderful material composed by the very talented Greg Eric Segal, who sang and played guitar,

alongside the fiery drumming of Hyam Sosnow. We worked together for about a year, and some ok recordings of the band playing live were made at a few gigs.

This memorable cut, the ballad called "A Man Who Was Here" was recorded live at the artist Richard Bruland's Be-Bop Records store,

and is released on the "Cold Sky Live at Be-Bop" CD, available from Greg's 'Phantom Airship' label.

"Yellow Bird" by Listen

I was approached by a drummer friend, Dave Cariaga, who I'd played with previously in an ill-fated cover band,

to play some bass parts for a recording of his new band "Listen."

They had some cool, vibe-y kinds of things, female vocals, lush guitar and keys, so I thought it might be fun.

Again, never released, here is an example of their sound on a piece called "Yellow Bird."

"While You Were Asleep" by Ritual

One day I overslept and missed a Ritual rehearsal. Sure enough, Mike and Jon wrote most of a song that day and called it "While You Were Asleep."

This was supposed to have been part of our second album, but who know if that will ever be finished. Anyway, I put a bass part to it, and we liked it

a lot, so maybe you will too.

"Pieces, Broken" by Ritual

This piece is one of my favorite Ritual songs we ever composed. It has a certain breadth and an attempt at majestic and symphonic ethereal composition that is pretty rare in my experience. Unfortunately, it was never well recorded, and often not well performed either, except this once at a rehearsal when we got all the parts correct and the feel was just right. It's called "Pieces, Broken" and it has me playing Taurus bass pedals while imitating a bowed cello in places. 

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